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Welcome to the  Mosrose Website. Thank you for visiting our Website, and we inform you that access to the  Mosrose Website and the use of services and content provided through it, are regulated by these Terms.

Please note that by accessing our Website, and / or using only one of the services provided through it you confirm that you understand and accept the Terms as published on this page. If you feel you do not accept them, please do not access or use the content and services offered through our Website.


1-The conditions on this page can be modified.


If you want to keep updated about conditions, we recommend you to check this page regularly. In this way you can see if any changes have occurred as a result of your last consultation of the Website. Mosrose, in fact, every time you modify, partially or totally these conditions, will make you available the updated versions through publication on this page.


2-Limits and conditions 


When  accessing our Website, including its content and services you take the commitment to:


2.1-navigate and use assuming  your sole and total responsibility so :

not use it to chase illegal purposes;

not use it in order to suspend, harm or compromise the efficiency and operation partially or totally;


2.2-recognize Mosrose exempt from all liability for any damages incurred to your computer and other equipment and / or any third party or data stored on the same, subject to possible liability for intent and gross negligence attributable to Mosrose.


3-The product images and photographs


Every picture, every photograph and representation on the Mosrose Website  has only illustrative function. Mosrose assumes regularly measures to ensure that  the photographs shown on the Website are reproductions of authentic products,  through the adoption of every technological possible  solution  to minimize inaccuracies. Nevertheless are always possible variations in image display attributable to several causes, including technical, and due to the technological characteristics of color resolution which is fitted to the computer you are using. Consequently Mosrose cannot be held responsible for any failure of the graphic representations of the products shown on the Website due to technical reasons given above.


Mosrose allows just learning the contents of the relevant products on site and to use the interface to the members.Except these permissions , members can not copy them on another media,publish directly or indirectly,can not compile,handle,apply to the relevant authorities for the registration,can not produce,share with third parties for such purposes.

 4- Under 18 years of age 


If you are under 18 years you can freely browse our Website.

You cannot however use the services that require registration or the 'allocation of data and information. The registration and use of the services made available through the  Mosrose Website is granted only to those over age 18. No one under that age can register at the Website or use the services made available through it, with the exception of cases where the child has obtained advance permission from a parent or legal guardian


5-Protection of member’s  privacy & data


Mosrose has security measures intended to protect the security of the Website and it’s Users.These measures are aimed at ensuring that information relating to its Users are protected from risks of dispersion, destruction, unauthorized access, misuse or illegal use.

The reserved areas available to the User, the above are subject to registration and the subsequent allocation of access credentials by Mosrose, composed of a User ID linked to a Password.

Please note that extra security of the password it’s especially provided by you, considering a few simple precautions:


5.1-keep your password secret without communicating it to anyone;


5.2-Do not allow anyone else to use it.


These  Conditions are regulated by Italian Law and shall be interpreted accordingly. Possible disputes inherent and/or subsequent to the above must be resolved under Italian Jurisdiction. The Milano Courts have been assigned jurisdiction for the application of these  Conditions.